Five Years Later

Wednesday, April 01, 2015
It's been a few months since my last post. While I still plan to keep my daughter's life private, that doesn't mean I can't still blog about other things. This blog has always been an outlet for me, and I need that outlet now more than ever.

Next Monday will mark five years since we lost Josey. March was a long sleepless month. It seems this year everything is happening along the same timeline: Easter (I was induced), NCAA National Championship game (Josey was born). Even worse, it's shaping up to be a Duke/UK final. The night Josey was born, Duke won the championship. Not to mention, my doctor was a Duke grad and he delivered Josey in his Duke hat and polo. UGH. As if things couldn't have gotten any worse.

I know those things seem silly, but they all come together to remind me where I was this time five years ago. Thankfully, I've been working on coming to terms with the trauma I experienced. It always seems to get worse this time of year (obviously), but I now have a beautiful little girl and a husband who supports me and understands I have my moments.

So, here's to Josey. She made me a mom for the first time. Without her, we wouldn't have our feisty two-year old.  For that, I'm eternally humbled and grateful. And I'm sure she'll be looking down on us, cheering on her Kentucky Wildcats. I mean, what Kentucky girl wouldn't want her Cats to win the title game on her birthday? ;)

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