Goodbye, Boppy

Tuesday, September 02, 2014
It was bound to happen, and last night it did. Newton, our shih-tzu, chewed up the last pacifier, also known as "the boppy" in our house. It was a bad night.

At first, Z couldn't quite comprehend what happened to her boppy, even though she saw what was left of it. I told her, in my most comforting voice, that Newton ate her boppy, but it would be okay because she was a big girl now and she didn't need it.

It didn't seem to phase her at first, but once it set in, the tears began to flow and flow some more. Then the screams started, and eventually a full blown tantrum. This mama sang baby girl's favorite song for an hour and a half, rocked her, paced the floor with her, wiped her tears and let her cry it out. As if her tears weren't bad enough, I had a massive migraine and every scream was a knife to the side of my head.

When it seemed she was on her last round of tears, I asked if she wanted a cookie. "Yes," she replied. So, I gave her something similar to a peanut butter patty. (Side note: You can get them at the Dollar Store. They're quite delish!) She didn't actually want it; she just wanted something to hold. We then curled up in bed, melted chocolate all over her little hands, and we both fell fast asleep.

I dare anyone to give her another pacifier. If they do, if they so much as even think about it, they will suffer the wrath of this mama! I do not want to go through that again.

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