Time to THRIVE

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
Click here to find out more about the Thrive Experience: kamurphy310.Le-Vel.com

The past several months have been excruciatingly long and not very fun. Our renovation combined with a crazy summer workload at the office has sent me to my breaking point. I've also been struggling with severe fatigue and exhaustion, mental fogginess, and days where I swear I have preeclampsia all over again.

Thanks to those wonderful symptoms (insert sarcasm here), I started having anxiety attacks. Those are fun. Imagine not being able to catch your breath because you're being choked by a really tight turtleneck. Ugh. You think I'm joking when I said I felt like I had pre-e all over again, but I'm not. On numerous occassions, I truly felt exactly like I did the last few days I was in the hospital. I've had test after test this summer. Ultrasounds. Bloodwork. The doctors can't find anything. The only possible explanation is my thyroid, which was slightly off, but only depending on which doctor you ask. Regardless, neither wanted to do anything about it.

All this brings me to my search to find something - ANYTHING - that might make me feel better and give me some of my long lost energy. I tried several different supplements. Nothing worked. Then, I read a status update from Cassie Chapman from the Private Lives of Nashville Wives. She mentioned having several of the same symptoms I had, only to finally feel better thanks to this fabulous new product called Thrive (don't worry, I'm not selling it).

I normally don't fall for any of the latest and greatest supplement/nutrition/weight loss products, but I was at the end of my rope. So, I emailed Cassie and ordered the product. My main goal was to find the energy I lost, to get rid of the severe fatigue and exhaustion, the cloudy head, and the anxiety attacks. After about a week on the products, I realized I wasn't dragging myself through the parking lot at work. I was sleeping and actually getting rest. I could chase Zoey around and not feel like someone had attached weights to my ankles. My head was clear. No anxiety attacks. No more sluggishness. It was amazing. I felt like myself again!

I don't know a lot about the product. The supplements seem to be a mega dose of B and D vitamins, with some folate and Vitamin A thrown in for good measure (at least the women's version). There's also a shake mix and a patch (kind of like the birth control patch). All I know is I feel better than I have in months. If you'd like to check it out, please use me as a referral. If I refer two people, then I get mine free, and I'm all about free.

Click here to find out more about the Thrive Experience: kamurphy310.Le-Vel.com

Happy Thriving!

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