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Wednesday, June 04, 2014
We are finally out of our house. We closed last week. I cried for most of that week; however, I am over it. Demo has started on our new/old home, and we've already hit a few snags. I wouldn't expect anything less. Unfortunately, this means more money and a longer wait to get in the house. **Sigh**

So far we've ripped out the old carpet and all the trim, discovered we need a new subfloor in the master bedroom, realized seven trees (huge, mature trees) are going to have to be cut down, and we're having to add a minimum $1000 to every bid we were given (windows, roof, basement weatherproofing, HVAC, etc.).

Oh, and did I mention how fast you can spend money when you are renovating? YIKES! It's crazy! Thanks to the additional expenses, we've had to make some creative decisions to stay within our budget. At this point it's just a matter of finding a cheaper hardwood/carpet. The flooring we originally chose was a little on the pricey side; so, we can definitely save money in that area. However, the way the renovation seems to be pacing, I'd say it's a safe bet to say my little extras will no longer be on the table. Oh well.

Once the paint is up and the carpet and hardwood is down on our main level, I hope to post pictures. Our basement is our biggest project. It will be a while before I have anything to show on it.

Do any of you have renovation tips? Maybe you have a favorite paint color or shower head/bathroom faucet? Let me know!

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  1. We renovated our condo last year, as much as we were allowed to. I LOVE our paint colours! They are all Benjamin Moore colours. Our bedroom is Hale Navy (which is a very dark blue - I love it), and we have white beadboard in there. Our main area (which is all open - living, dining, kitchen, hall/entrance) is Amherst Gray (which is dark - gorgeous). Our future baby room is Sundress (a pale yellow). The bathroom is Boothbay Gray which comes across as more of a very pale blue, which is what I wanted for our beachy-feel bathroom! Ceilings, doors, and trim are all Cloud White. We have laminate throughout; it is a grayish-brown; our kitchen cabinets are white and our kitchen countertops are a dark speckled gray, almost black. Bathroom cabinets are white and the countertop is white with light gray pattern. If you go to the Benjamin Moore website you can look up those colours I named, if you want :)