It's Go Time, Property Brothers Style

Monday, May 19, 2014
A few months ago, my husband and I came up with a grand scheme to sell our house and remodel our rental house. We lived in the "rental" house for a year or so before we bought our current home. At the time, I swore on everything that's holy that I would never live in that house again, and here I am eating my words.

Why are we doing it? Well, here's a quick formula for you:

Mortgage + (Grad School Loan + Grad School Loan) + Adoption + Toddler + Needs New Vehicle = Move back to the house that's already paid for and sell your current home.

And that folks, pretty much sums up our decision to sell. In addition, our "rental" house was is in desperate need of renovation. Without selling, there was no way we could afford to truly renovate it. This way, we kill two two birds (or three) with one stone: save money, renovate the house, pay off some of our debt, and in a couple of years, buy or build what we want. (At least that's the plan.) 

a little sneak peek before renovations begin
This weekend we met with the HVAC guy and made a trip to Lowe's to scout out some new flooring, appliances, bathroom vanities, tubs, etc. As always, nothing is simple with us. Our first road block? The upstairs bathroom vanity (of all things, ugh). It's an odd size, and because it's recessed between two walls, we can't change the size.

I guess we're going to have to get creative. In fact, this girl is going to have to conjour up some Property Brothers mojo to make this house a home. The house is in much worse shape than I remembered, making me feel completely overwhelmed this weekend. Every time I thought about it, I cried.

"What have I done?"

No garage. No master bath. No walk-in closets. No fancy ceilings. (obvious #firstworldproblems)

I realized my house had spoiled me. I didn't grow up having a garage. I didn't have a master bath, let alone a walk-in closet or vaulted ceilings. It was time to step it up and get over myself. It's a means to an end, and honestly, I'm quite excited about making our old house a real home again, especially since it means we'll have a little extra $$ in our pockets. In fact, I'm already dreaming of beach vacations (...and new house plans).

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  1. I know it can seem overwhelming, but try to focus on the aspects you DO like and maximize them. there are tons and tons of blogs on small space living and home remodeling, etc. Good luck!