Book Review: Illicit Magic by Camilla Chafer

Monday, May 26, 2014
Illicit Magic (Stella Mayweather, #1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Stella Mayweather’s seemingly uneventful life takes a drastic turn one evening while walking home from work. Suddenly, she’s attacked by The Brotherhood, a secret group of men out to rid the world of magic, including witches, then uprooted from her London home by a stranger who just so happens to save her life.

Thrust into a world she had no knowledge of, Stella seeks protection of the Witch Council, but can she trust them? Sent to a safe house to learn to harness her magic, Stella discovers there are lots of things she has to learn and many secrets left untold. Unfortunately, one of those secrets could destroy her as well as her new-found family.

My Thoughts:
To put it simply, Illicit Magic is a fun and entertaining read. Stella lost her parents at a young age and grew up in foster homes across London. She’s always been the outcast, the loner, and you can’t help but feel for her. She always knew she was different and had special abilities, but she didn’t know why. That is, not until the Brotherhood comes for her and she’s whisked away by fellow witch and soon-to-be friend, Etoile.

You can’t help but like the other characters as well, especially Evan, Stella’s handsome and mysterious teacher at the safe house. I found myself filled with emotion as Stella and Evan’s relationship began to grow. I felt like a teenager again, when the cute guy calls you for the first time or makes a point to steal you away from your friends at the football game. It was very natural. That being said, this book is not geared for the young adult (tween or teen) crowd. There are some sexual scenes and innuendo, albeit not too explicit.

My only issue with the book (and the books that follow), is there seems to be a few grammatical errors here and there, such as verb tense and the occasional typo. I’m not sure if it’s a difference between how grammar is used in the US vs. the UK or if it’s just incorrect usage. Either way, it doesn’t distract from the flow of the storyline. In fact, I read it in one, quick setting.

Illicit Magic (Stella Mayweather, #1)Camilla Chafer

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