Thanksgiving Rewind

Tuesday, December 03, 2013
Shoo, what a week! The past few days have definitely been interesting. Here's a quick recap.
  • Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving! Baby Z is 11 months old today!
  • Friday - No black Friday for us. Instead, Z and I hung out with Aunt Abby at her salon while our friend, Rachel, got ready for her wedding. Z not only had her very first Thanksgiving, but also attended her first wedding!
  • Saturday - This mama started feeling sick.
  • Sunday - Still sick. Thankful that my parents are here in town and were able to keep her overnight for me.
  • Monday - And even sicker. Stomach flu, anyone? Ugh. 
 photo collage1_zps35fe5960.jpg
Thankfully, baby girl is still ok. I'm hoping she doesn't get what I had. I'm feeling much better today, but still feel a little queasy. This bug hit my sister on Thanksgiving, my nephew the following day, and my sister on Saturday. UGH.

On the bright side, I lost three pounds. No worries about eating that extra piece of coconut cream pie!

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