I have cute dog pix, too!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Unless you live under a rock, you've probably seen the pictures of the cute little toddler with his puppy dog. They are all over the web. Yes, they are adorable, but I have cute puppy dog pictures, too! See for yourself. ;)

 photo cutedogpic1_zps615014a3.jpg

 photo cutedogpic2_zps13155498.jpg

 photo cutedogpic3_zps533b71f5.jpg

 photo cutedogpic6_zps51b05551.jpg

 photo cutedogpic8_zpsfad74354.jpg

 photo cutedogpic7_zpsea251014.jpg

 photo cutedogpic5_zps8cc0bf6d.jpg

 photo cutedogpic9_zps66d45277.jpg

 photo cutedogpic4_zps3210cff9.jpg

 photo cutedogpic10_zpsf86e215c.jpg

The last picture I added for fun. Newton has cost us a fortune in pacifiers. He is our ninja dog. He'll pretend he couldn't care less, and when you least expect it, he attacks (aka steals the paci) before you even know it happened. However, we usually overlook his paci fetish since he's such a good natured dog. Whenever Z goes down for a nap, Newton goes with her. He is so protective. It's quite cute. He loves his Baby Z and she loves him!

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