Happy 1st Birthday!

Sunday, December 29, 2013
It's been a year. A whole year. It's hard to imagine our lives before this little beauty, and now she is a year old! It seems like she's growing over night.

 photo zbdayblog1_zpse4c7f4b6.jpg
A few quick stats:
  • Z has six teeth
  • She weighs right around 15 pounds (we go for her one-year check-up tomorrow)
  • She can say mama, dada, bub, ball (or something that starts with a b)
  • She loves to clap her hands and "sing" anytime she hears music
  • She is crawling and climbing everywhere
  • She loves to eat - bananas, mashed baked potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese - pretty much anything
  • She loves Dora and the Bubble Guppies, but her favorite toy is her Minnie Mouse bath toy

 photo zbdayblog2_zps33304992.jpg

We didn't have a big party this year. It was mainly family and a few friends.  Z had a blast (and Mommy and Daddy did, too). I kept her smash cake simple. After her first birthday photoshoot, I wasn't about to give her any more cake than she can handle. However, I don't think she minded. She ate it without so much as batting an eye.

 photo zbdayblog3_zpsd7f7a328.jpg

What a ONEderful year it's been!

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