Giving Thanks: Days 3 and 4

Monday, November 04, 2013
As much as I'd like to actually write each of these on time, it's just not possible with a 10 month old. I unfortunatley wasn't able to complete each day of  the #captureyourgrief project last month and I probably won't complete every day of this either, BUT I'm going to give it my best. :)

Day 3 #30daysofthanks

I am thankful for family and friends who supported our decision to adopt. Adoption is not easy. There are so many different emotions involved, from sheer elation and joy, to heartache and loss. A strong support system is a must and we were (are) so blessed with just that.

There could have been lots of "just try again" and "I just don't understand why..." and so on and so forth. And honestly, there were people who didn't get it. They didn't understand our desire to adopt when they thought we could "just" get pregnant again and have a child of our "own."

UGH. There will always be people around to bring you down, which is why I am so thankful for the strong support of our family and friends.

Day 4 #30daysofthanks

I am thankful for Tom Green.

(Say what?)

Yes. I am thankful for THAT Tom Green. The comedian. The crazy, tv personality who was at one time married to Drew Barrymore. Yep, that Tom Green.

Why? He saved my husband's life.

Several years ago, Tom Green was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Instead of disappearing from the spotlight, he aired his journey in a documentary on MTV. My husband saw this documentary and from that point on, made it a point to give himself regular monthly exams. We, as women, are constantly told to give ourselves monthly breast exams, so why don't we hear the same for men and testicular cancer?

One monthly exam changed everything. After a trip to the doctor and a cat scan, his suspicions were confirmed. Luckily, he caught it very early and is 100% cancer free today.

So thank you, Tom Green. Thank you for not shying away from  a scary situation, but instead educating the young men who watched your show and came to your events. That one-hour documentary made all the difference!


  1. I just love your Tom Green story! So glad your husband is 100% cancer free! So glad Tom Green saved his life!!

  2. My father is adopted and I am so thankful my nana did because i know he wouldn't be who is is without her love and support. So glad than aside from Tom Green's wacky skits that he helped save your husband and he is cancer free!