Capture Your Grief: Days 8-9

Friday, October 11, 2013
Yes, I know I'm behind. I promise I'll be catching up soon.

Day 8 - Colors

What color/s represent your baby? Why?~CarlyMarie
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I don't have a particular color I associate with Josey. I always imagined her as a free spirit, just going with the flow. Depending on the day or my mood, I may picture her in a range of colors. I chose to use "rainbow" on purpose. After all, she led us straight to Z, our sweet little rainbow.

Day 9 - Music

This might be hard to capture in a photograph so why not post a youtube clip of a piece of music that reminds your of your baby/ies/child/ren. Why this piece of music? ~CarlyMarie
This song doesn't necessarily remind me of Josey, but it definitely reminds me that life isn't always a fairy tale. However, if you choose, you can come out stronger on the other end. I wrote about this song back in October 2010, only a few months after our loss. You can find that post here:

Carly Marie Project Heal | Capture Your Grief Photographic Challenge for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness  Month - October 2013

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