Capture Your Grief: Day 2

Wednesday, October 02, 2013
In 1988, President Ronald Reagan declared October as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. In 2001, Congress designated October 15th as the Official Day of Remembrance. Over the last few years I've met so many wonderful people who, unfortunately, have experienced the loss of a child. One of those people is Carly Marie. She has a beautiful blog called Project Heal. I have joined her #CaptureYourGrief photographic challenge to celebrate Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. I'll have to play catch up because I missed Day 1. So, on to Day 2.

#CaptureYourGrief | The M House
Day 2-Identity: What is your child’s name? Why did you choose that name? What is the meaning of their name? If they were born, what were their birth details. What were their features? Who are they? 
Our daughter was named after our moms. My mother-in-law's middle name is Jo and my mom's middle name is Starr; hence, Josey Starr. We wanted something unique and fun, and since my husband also taught physics, we decided it was the perfect name.

Josey was born just after midnight on April 6, 2010. While she never took a breath, she was still the most incredible and amazing little thing I'd ever seen. She had my nose and my husband's skinny legs. I often wonder what color her eyes would have been. Would they be brown like his? Or maybe blue like mine? Or even hazel like my mom's?

I like to believe Josey is somewhere up in the heavens playing with my grandparents and learning to fish from my cousin, David. I'm sure she and Nolan (my cousin, Ashley's, son) are getting into all kinds of meanness. It makes me smile just thinking about it. The physicist part of my husband likes to believe she has returned to the cosmos and is always watching over us. He says we are all made from stardust and when we die we simply return to our natural state among the stars. (I'm sure I botched the actual scientific explanation for that, but whatever, I was an English major for goodness sakes.) Regardless, it's a beautiful thought.

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  1. What a beautiful name! Im sure she is up there doing all those things and even more- and I am sure she is looking down at you wathcing you all!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. I think this Capture Your Grief project is awesome. I'm sad I didn't hear about it until now!

    I like to think the baby we lost is playing with our childhood dogs and watching over us every day :)