Capture Your Grief - Day 10: Beliefs

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 10: Beliefs

Do you have a certain belief about what happens to us after we die? ~CarlyMarie
What do I believe? This is such a loaded question.  I had this post all written out and scheduled, but after sleeping on it I decided some of what I had to say should stay with me. Some things are best left unsaid. Some things are best left private.

#captureyourgrief day 10 | the m house

What I can say is I believe our daughter is out there somewhere looking down on us. I'm sure she's with my grandparents, so I know she's in good hands. As strange as it sounds, I swear she visits me sometimes. A butterfly will show up in the strangest locations. I know it's her fluttering around, sending me a little note from above, letting me know she's always with me. Regardless of everything else, I'm grateful to her for making me a mother and for teaching me to finally live my life.

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  1. Everytime I see a hummingbird and it swings by me super close I just feel it in my bones that it is my Gram- stopping in to say hi... so I know what you mean about the butterfly messages!