Weekend Review

Monday, August 12, 2013
It's definitely Monday, but I am actually glad to be sitting at my desk this morning. LOL Z hasn't felt the best for several days. I wish those first teeth would hurry up and get here. In the mean time, she is not a happy camper. She's slept on my chest (on the couch) for two days. That's the only place she'll sleep when she feels bad. Poor baby.

She didn't feel terrible all weekend though. In between crankiness, she had her first piano recital. This mama was so proud. Ha!

Weekend Review

Weekend Review 2

This week she starts going to daycare two days a week. I know she'll do fine, but I have a feeling these first two days won't be the best for her or the daycare. I feel a few tantrums might be on the way. I've already been working on my apology. Ha!

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  1. She is absolutely precious!

    I like your tagline.
    In our pregnancy loss suport group, we talk about our new normal after loss. I like to think that I also have a new normal... A new normal after foster-to-adopt.