Life as a Mom

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Life as I once knew it has ceased to exist, and I am oh-so-okay with that.

Gone are the days I slept in on the weekends or the last minute trips to the mall or the movies. There's no grab and go anymore. My house is a disaster. I have no clean clothes. My bathrooms are biohazard sites and I'm not sure what's growing in my kitchen sink. Our landscaping has taken over the yard. The side of my house looks like a jungle. In some spots the weeds are as tall as my flowers, but at least we do keep the grass mowed...usually.

My time is now spent covered in formula, baby food and the yummy smell of spit-up. Instead of cleaning the house, I play peek-a-boo and watch Dora. We practice saying Mama and on our sitting-up skills. I honestly think there's a diaper and/or a bottle in every corner, but who's looking, right? Oh, and I can't forget all the snuggles and cuddles. When those little hands reach for me, I melt. It's even worse when I get a big slobbery kiss on the cheek!

So, yeah, things have changed. And even on those nights I think I may fall over from exhaustion, I wouldn't trade it for the world. :)