Loss and Joy - Mother's Day 2013

Monday, May 13, 2013
I hadn't planned to post for awhile, but I read this article today, the day after Mother's Day. I knew I had to share it. I found myself wiping tears while I sat at my desk at work.

This year, I have a beautiful baby girl to hold and cuddle. It's absolutely amazing. If God himself came down and said, "Kerry, tell me exactly what you want in a baby girl and I'll give it to you," I would have described our Baby Z.

Unfortunately, as happy as she makes us, we are still missing a daughter. That loss is still there. That hurt is still there. And it still popped up on Mother's Day. It's easier now, but that pain still manages to find its way to the surface.

I read this article and thought this author must have written it for me or even about me because I could relate to all of it. For me, Mother's Day will always be bittersweet - a day full of joy for my sweet, beautiful baby girl and a day of loss for our daughter no longer with us. I hope someday they both know how much they are loved and how they each changed our lives in such a profound way. :)

Mother's Day: On Loss and Joy by Carrie Goldman

Mother's Day 2013

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. It so reminded me of my journey! I too had a friend named beth who had a stillbirth of a girl (baby mya) who has my bestie through my 3 losses.

    Even though I did not lose my first, and mother's day originally wasn't hard for me, it's definitely a day of mixed emotions. The part in te article about having a baby in another woman's womb reminds me of my own experience with our foster-to-adopt daughter. (i called that post "never forgotten.")