Eating carrots for the first time...err second time.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Zoey will be 4 months old on Monday, the 28th. I decided to go ahead and try solid foods. I bought some rice cereal, sweet potatoes and sweet carrots. One night while I couldn't sleep, an old Dr. Phil episode had Dr. Sears (sp?) and his doctor sons on discussing babies. They said to try the fruits and vegetables first and then the cereal. Something about carbs, obesity, etc. Who knows? I gave her both.

First, we tried mashed bananas. She wasn't too thrilled. Then we tried cereal. Not so much. The next day we tried sweet potatoes. That got me a sour face and an oh-no-I'm-not-eating-this look. Then we tried the carrots. That was the worst. She looked at me, pouted, and screamed bloody murder. I swore off baby food until she was 6 months.

However, yesterday my mom decided to give it a shot. When I went to see them at lunch, Mom informed me Zoey ate an entire bowl of cereal and loved it! What? I couldn't believe it. Later that day, Mom sent me the following video of Zoey eating carrots. Mom just has the touch, I guess. Little girl is all about the food now! LOL

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