Tuesday, February 19, 2013
I'm tired. Exhausted, really. The bags under my eyes are getting bigger.

And I'm the happiest I've ever been, all thanks to our little spitfire.

We're coming up on two months and I can't believe it! Little Bit is growing into her personality. She's starting to smile all the time and she loves checking out everything around her. Plus, I'm pretty sure she's starting to become a mama's girl. My mom swears she misses me during the day. She may fuss a little here and there, but when Mama comes home, she's all smiles. Oh, how I love that!!

There's nothing like eskimo kisses and a great big smile. Melt my heart! I keep trying to catch a picture, but every time I put the camera in her face she gives me the stink eye. I think she's tired of all the pictures. LOL

But I just can't help myself. Does she not look adorable with her Papaw feeding her? Don't you just love that little rainbow hat? I can't even imagine loving this little girl more than I already do. She has us wrapped around her finger and we're just fine with it.

As of Sunday, she weighed 7 pounds, 5 ounces. She's still such a little bit, but she's finally looking like a sweet little baby with baby fat and chubby cheeks. I even broke out a 0-3 months sleeper for her. I didn't think she'd ever be able to wear anything but preemie. And even better, her cute little headbands finally fit! I just bought a bunch from Etsy and can't wait to take a picture in every one! You've been warned.


  1. So cute! Now she weighs what Emily weighed at birth (well, almost, Emily was 7,6). That rainbow hat is too cute. It is so nice being #1 in their eyes :)

    Bring on the pictures with the headbands! :)

  2. Check out etsy shop Jameson Monroe, super cute headbands (:

  3. Beautiful!!! Baby girl, and her Mommy's happiness:)