In Like a Lion...

Thursday, February 28, 2013
The past week or so I've been feeling the weight of the upcoming months. March is just a few hours away, and with it comes the reemergence of a not so welcome visit from my ptsd. I can already feel the loneliness of that hospital room creeping up on me. Why won't it ever go away? April is worse, with memories of sunny days and an ache that rips your very soul.

Almost three years. Seems like another lifetime.

However, this year the sting doesn't hurt quite as much. It's still there bubbling at the surface, but I guess that's expected. What a difference a day makes, right? Despite the hurt and our loss, our sweet angel baby made a huge impact in our lives. Not to mention, she led us straight to this little sleeping beauty...


My rainbow after the storm. Spring is coming. It's almost here. Along with it, a new chapter.

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