Ready, Set, and...Go!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
Happy Halloween! I can't believe tomorrow is November. Where have the last few months gone? Even crazier, Baby Girl will be here before we know it. I think I'm in denial. In fact, it's very possible she could be here in early December. This means, whether I want to or not, whether I'm scared or not, we have to prepare for a baby! We've held out on purchasing baby stuff for obvious reasons, but there are a few things we have to have before we can bring her home.

We have most of our must-haves (for now):

  • Crib & bedding

  • Car seat (just ordered)

  • Sleepers and onesies

I still need a bassinet and, of course, diapers, bottles, formula, etc. For those of you that have already gone through this, please comment below and tell me what some of your favorite baby products, gear, must-haves were. If you've adopted, what am I forgetting? And, once she's home, what are the must-have products that you recommend?

Ready? Set...GO!


  1. Couldn't have lived without the Moby (or another similar wrap)! It's pretty much my only "must have" baby thing. Although, the sleeper gowns are pretty awesome.

  2. :) i'm so excited for you! for me, must have's are the book "babywise" by dr ezzo- if you ever want to sleep or get anything done around the house or take a shower again. :) i also think that swaddling is a must. i used receiving blankets but they have some pre-made ones for sale in stores now. and i've found that most of mine needed a pacifier because their need to suck was much more than what they got nursing or taking a bottle. it was their method of choice for self-soothing, even when i was holding them. they just calmed right down when i swaddled them and gave them a pacifier. and i agree with the above comment- a baby carrier that is comfy for you is pretty much a universal need. sleeper gowns certainly do make middle of the night diaper fixes much easier. :)

    how exciting!!!!

  3. I really like the fisher price rock n play vs a bassinet, bonus you can fold it up and take it with you to neighbors/family and baby still has a place to sleep. It's also helpful for a baby with reflux. Diapers are hit/miss, depending on how big she is, our kids were pretty sensitive and couldn't use any of the store brands, so either the pampers sensitive/newborn were good otherwise we've always used huggies.
    I'm so excited for you!!!

  4. Definitely the Fisher Price Rock 'N Play!! Zoe had laryngomalacia and SIDS was a concern because she breathed really noisily. The Rock 'N Play kept her on her back and her head elevated for the first 6 months. Also helps when Baby has a cold. And I liked the Ergo Baby carrier. Whatever one you get, make sure it has lower back support built in (strap around your waist, etc), otherwise your lower back will be killing you. I really liked the Tommy Tippy Bottles with the formula inserts - we're going to use them for Baby Boy coming next week via adoption. We found Target diapers for day and Pampers 12 Hour for nights worked the best (and still do at nearly 2yo). Because of the baby bumper debate for cribs, I used the mesh bumpers from Target and they worked awesome. Keeps the baby's limbs inside the crib but the mesh is breathable. Umm, Costco has bulk baby wipes that are unscented for the best price. Regarding formula, of course it depends on the baby, but we started with Enfamil and she was sensitive to it. We tried Enfamil with partially broken down whey protein and eventually switched to the Target brand of the same, because she did the best on that.

    Congratulations!!! Adoption is so cool and I love it when babies come in time for winter and all the adorable tiny cold weather outfits and Christmas stuff. :)

  5. So happy to hear your news!

    As an adoptive mom/ new mom, let me share my recommendations:
    1) sleepers that can be swaddled (like those made by Halo)
    2) Doc Brown's bottles- help with reflux and fussiness. So awesome. We bought other ones and regretted it.
    3) Don't buy too much formula or diapers, you never know what they will be sensitive to and won't be able to use... but do your research ahead of time. The hospital will cover you until it's time to go home and you can always stop for those. I recommend Amazon's monthly shipments once you work out what is best for you.
    4) bibs and burp cloths! not every baby is a spitty baby but ours sure was. We did a LOT of laundry for these. I really liked these...
    5) Don't get too many clothes of any one size. Some babies skip right over newborn stuff, and some wear them for a week and some are in them for months.
    6) Pacifiers- I read somewhere that using them for formula bed babies was helpful in preventing SIDS. We had to try a few to find the ones our baby liked
    7) hats- definitely hats for winter. these were my favorite:
    8) car seat! Also a stroller. I thought we wouldn't use it at first but becomes key in things like grocery shopping

    Best wishes!

  6. Oh wait! How could I forget the two things I used most those early months- the swing! (We used the fisher price snugabunny) and a bouncy chair. V napped in those more initially than anywhere else those first few weeks.

  7. I'm taking notes! Thanks, guys!