Monday, September 10, 2012
This past weekend has been nothing but a whirlwind, a blur of emotions. I left work early on Wednesday to run some errands. I stopped by the local embroidery shop to pick up some baby gifts for a friend of mine who is finally having her rainbow after ten years. While I'm standing in line, my phone rang. I didn't recognize the number, so I let it go to voicemail.

After a couple minutes, I realized someone had left a VM. I went to listen to it and it was on speaker. This completely distracted me, so I tried to turn it off and instead deleted the message, but not before I heard my social worker's voice. Why was she calling? Why did I delete this message?

I somehow managed to undelete the message and listen to it. She told me to call her. That was it. I called back and got her VM. Ugh. In the meantime, I got out my checkbook to pay when my phone rang again. Of course, I had to answer it! This is what I heard...

Kerry, it's *****. This is the call you've been waiting for!


My entire body started shaking. I turned around and walked away from the counter, leaving everything. I was in complete and total shock. Then came the tears. Right there in the middle of the store. The poor little girl waiting on me went in the back and brought me a box of tissues. Thankfully, there wasn't anyone in the store at the time, at least I don't think there was. Who knows, maybe there was a store full of people. I can't remember.

I managed to write down a few things to take home to Shannon. My mind was mush and I truly couldn't hear anything except that first sentence.  After I hung up, I ran to the back of the store (the owners are friends of ours). I had to tell someone! Two friends were working. They turned around and I'm pretty sure they thought someone had just died. I think I started jumping up and down and said "WE'VE BEEN CHOSEN!!" But you'd have to ask them.

Lots of hugs and tears later, I remembered I still had to tell Shannon. He had called twice while I was on the phone with our social worker. I was going to wait and tell him in person, but I could barely walk. So, I sat down and called.

We've been matched.

All I remember was hearing him say...

I'm going to be a dad!

After a quick text to my entire family, I grabbed my purse and headed home. My phone erupted, of course. Shannon and I cried all night. It was an emotional day anyway. It was two years to the day that Shannon's best friend passed away. He was a basket full of emotions, to say the least.

We were scheduled to meet with the birthmother on Friday. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was pretty much worthless at work. My boss sent me home. I also knew I needed to call our social worker again since I was a little more clear headed. I couldn't remember any details she had given me the day before. After speaking to her, it truly started to sink in that this was real. Wow. That's all. Wow.