Adopt, Adopt, Adopt

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
This past weekend I mailed our new adoption profiles to our agency. I've updated those babies three times now. I felt it was a must-do since we decided to try to get pregnant again. When I submitted our first (and second) profiles, we were not able to TTC, but since things have changed, I knew I needed to update our text.

Thankfully, we can stay on the waiting list while we TTC. In fact, should we get pregnant and everything goes "normal" then we plan to continue on the list. Today is one year, three months, and one day waiting. I'm really, really hoping we get chosen soon. Our agency claims the longest a couple has waited is two years. We're not quite there yet,  but we're inching towards it. The best possible gift we could get is to not only adopt, but have a successful and normal pregnancy. Two babies! I can't even imagine what sheer bliss those sleepless nights and dirty diapers would be!

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  1. It can happen. We tried for 3 years for our second child, decided to adopt and the week we were matched with our daughters birth parents, we found out I was pregnant! Our girls are now 9 months and 15 months old!