Row Your Boat

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

PhotobucketLast summer, my husband went kayaking for the first time and was hooked. He knew I would love it too, which I do. We live in a neighborhood with “Lakes” in its name. You’d think that means there is plenty of water to paddle around and splash in; however, that’s not the case. Bummer, right?

There are three ponds in our subdivision, all of which have no boating or swimming safety signs.  All three are stocked with fish and aren’t very deep. One has a lighted fountain and a clubhouse, while the other two are just now seeing houses built around them. Our initial plan was to sneak our kayaks into the second phase of the subdivision where the two other ponds are located and try out the kayaks.  Our plan was thwarted by the new owners of the only house in phase two.  Shucks.

Two years ago, the HOA’s insurance company suggested the neighborhood place custom street signs around the main pond, as well as traffic signs. According to our bylaws and the insurance company, the only watersport available to the homeowners is fishing…without getting in or on the water. Of course, because our neighborhood is full of young children, the signs do make us feel safer knowing they are there to keep the homeowners, as well as any unwanted guests and their children from getting hurt. In return, it keeps the HOA free from liability. No one needs to be swimming in a pond anyway. Of course, I would still love to get out and paddle. We wouldn’t even have to leave the neighborhood. Maybe one day we can add a new sign that says “Paddleboats and Rowboats Allowed.” A girl can wish.

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