Crafty Me Part Two

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Oh, my. I think I've gone crazy. Earlier this week, I wrote about this cute jewelry display I wanted to make. I also mentioned I'm not that crafty. Then, yesterday I found this on Pinterest.

                                                                                            Source: via Kerry on Pinterest

This fabulous woman stained her honey oak cabinets in her bathroom. Are they not gorgeous? She makes it sound so easy, too! Before I could change my mind, I followed her advice and bought the supplies I'll need to stain my bathroom cabinets. I'm going to try it out on my guest bath first. If I like it, I'm going to follow suit with our master bath. I may try the cherry stain with our master bath rather than the java/espresso color. However, the java color will be great for our guest bath.

My husband isn't looking forward to this, but he'll get over it. Plus, I know he'll love it when we're finished. Woo hoo! So excited!


  1. Good luck! It sounds like a lot of messy fun!

    Happy ICLW!

  2. I want to do this! I have some dressers that I hate the color of and I want to stain them. I always thought it would be a big pain. I'll have to give this a look and see if it would work for me. They really are beautiful.

  3. You are so brave... at least to me! I want to re-do our kitchen cabinets, but I`m hesitant because I`ve heard stories of how hard it is. I`ll be checking back to see how it turns out. :)

    ICLW - 7

  4. Good for you! Admiring your motivation!
    Here from ICLW saying hello. Love your pics and your furbaby is very cute. Wishing you lots of luck!