Bigfoot Hunt

Friday, August 10, 2012
This week, some friends and I went to lunch at a local restaurant. As we were paying, we noticed this flyer on the counter.

bigfootOur very own local BIGFOOT HUNT!

Obviously, we all know that bigfoot is hiding in the Daniel Boone National Forest by the lake where I've grown up and spent my entire childhood and adult life. How I've missed him is beyond me.

Of course, a few years ago, reports appeared on the internet of a bigfoot sighting down by the lake. Then, a few months ago while we were flipping channels, we stopped and watched a few minutes of Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet. Hello! They were in Kentucky, just a county or so over. And of course, they found the reddest and most backward folks they could find. I don't know what these people saw or think they saw, but I'm sure it wasn't bigfoot. Maybe a bear? LOL

Regardless, it appears A&E, The History Channel's Monster Quest and the BBC will all be represented in my little town this September. I might just go for a photo op and a good blog post. Who knows, maybe they'll put it on tv? We'll be bigfoot famous!



  1. we watched that FINDING BIGFOOT show and my stomach hurt after watching it from laughing so much. Those folks take it serious, man! Shhh, I think I heardthe squatch! LOL

  2. I know, right? We checked their website and they are charging $75 to go! I may have gone for the sheer entertainment factor, but only if it was free. LOL