Too Hot to Handle

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I honestly don't know how the human race managed to survive generation after generation without A/C. I would never have made it. This heat has knocked all the life out of me. It is unbearably hot. Our air conditioner hasn't stopped running in over a week. I dread to see our electric bill. We have it set on 67. Do you know what the temperature actually is in our house? 75. Oh sweet Jesus. My parents' house was 82 this evening.  Of course, it's hard to keep anything cool when the outside temperature is 106 degrees, and let's not forget to add Kentucky humidity to that. Ugh.

Next week I'm heading to Dallas and then on to OKC to see my sister. Last year, she lived through more than 50 days of 100+ temperatures. She told me the forecast is calling for 90s. Is it sad I'm actually looking forward to 90 degree weather? The heck with retiring to Florida; Maine sounds much better.

Now that the sun has set, it's finally reached a balmy 95 degrees. Our air is still running. My husband says he's turning down the A/C to 60 in the morning. Maybe then the house will cool down a little. The only good thing about this heat is it makes you so miserable you don't want to eat a thing. For now, I'm going to go wipe the sweat off my brow and fix myself a nice, big glass of ice-cold water.

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