My Wildcat

Sunday, July 29, 2012
cat pawThis December, my husband will graduate with his doctorate in instructional systems design from the University of Kentucky.

HOSANNA! No more tuition!

I can't wait to see him walk across that stage in UK blue! I'm so proud of him, and slightly jealous that he'll be a true Wildcat - an actual UK alum. That's a pretty big deal "around these here parts"...tee hee hee.

This summer he finished up his research and most of his dissertation. He was given the go ahead to write his conclusion and to schedule his defense as soon as school begins this fall. It has been a long, bumpy ride and most people would have thrown in the towel, given the circumstances he's overcome (losing his daughter, best friend and surviving cancer).

We are so excited. Well, I'm excited. He's still a bit nervous since he still has to get through his defense. I know he'll do great, though. To celebrate, I'm planning a catered dinner party for our family and closest friends. I wanted to do something special, not just your typical burgers and dogs graduation party. I meet with the caterers next week.  I'm hoping to get everything planned and ready to go so I won't have to worry about it once December gets here. The holidays are crazy enough; add a graduation party on top of holiday parties, the holidays themselves and just the typical hustle and bustle of the season and that's enough to send anyone over the edge. LOL Plus, we're hoping for more than just a Big Blue diploma to celebrate.

Here's to a new Wildcat and hopefully, a future Wildcat as well.

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