Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Do you see this thing? It's deadly. My doctor has me doing some sort of strength training at least twice a week now. My sister uses this thing for 90 minutes at a time and burns 800-1000 calories. I thought to myself, I'll use this today and get both my cardio and strength training in all at the same time. Well, I did, but I just about passed out doing it. LOL

My plan was to do a combination of workouts. 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there, you get the idea. I hit the arc trainer first. It's kind of a mix between an eliptical and a stairclimber. I made it 11 minutes. That was all I could do. So, on to the Stairmaster. It didn't seem too intimidating.

I made it a whopping 3 minutes. My heart rate was 192 and I felt every beat. An hour later and my face still looks purple. I called my sister and and just said "How do you do it?" She laughed and said, "It gets better."

I guess you have to start somewhere.

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