Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Deep breaths. Tomorrow, we're going for a pre-preconception visit with my OB. I have a long, list of questions, and more than likely, most of them won't be answered until I see my perinatologist (aka MFM). I'm not sure what to feel right now. Nervous? Excited? Scared? Terrified. I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind. However, I keep getting this tug inside that says I owe it to myself to at least sit down (with a clear head) and listen to what the experts have to say. I was in no shape to listen to what anyone had to say two years ago, or even one year ago for that matter. For those of you that have been in my shoes, any advice? I could sure use it.

Wish me luck!


  1. LUCK!!! Lots and lots of luck. I am a pre-e (well actually I never had the Pre...just the E) survivor, my son was not.

    When I went last July for our pre-conception consult, I was terrified they were going to send me away telling me NEVER to try again. It was different than what I thought it would be, that's for sure.

    I understand your case is a little more complicated then mine. My BP returned to normal six months post partum but you have lost so much weight and your meds have been reduced and that is WONDERFUL!

    Keep us posted with the results and what the DR says!

  2. No advice, just a big ol virtual hug and atta girl for taking a. It step forward in knowing what options you may have.

  3. I'm excited for you! Fingers crossed that you hear nothing but amazing news :)

  4. First of all, good luck! Good for you for getting up the courage to at least consider it.

    I definitely recommend you hang out on the pre-e forums. I think it helps to see the *so many* stories of people who went through the worst time and had totally uneventful 2nd pregnancies, including myself.

    Really it is the MFM who I would want the most info from. Would your ob co-manage you? Deliver? Blood thinners? (I am on lovenox and lda with no known clotting disorder, seems to have helped or at least did not hurt in my 2nd pregnancy.) Bedrest at what point? How long can you work if everything is normal? How often will they see you?

    MFM's tend to be a lot braver and more encouraging than OB's (the 2nd time my OB kept saying "I just want you to get to 28 weeks!"...uh, I made it to 36!) So try not to be too discouraged if they aren't totally crazy about the idea. Our extremely early and severe cases scare them.

  5. My biggest advice would be to simply listen. Have your questions written down so you do not have to be preoccupied with remembering them...and just listen. Try to absorb the moment. You will always have a thousand more questions when you wake up the next day but if you really listen you will less.

    For my husband and I, picking our MFM/OB (in Canada they are one in the same) was a gut check. We met every single one we could to discuss our case until we found the one we felt really understood our situation, really understood what would be in store for us. Someone who could lead this pregnancy.

    Thinking of you.

  6. good luck. thinking of you...

  7. So excited for you! I'm so happy you have made it to a place where you are atleast interested in hearing what they have to say! You deserve this.

  8. No advice, but fingers crossed that you get som answers to your questions. Sometimes just not having answers is the worst part. Luck!