Prom Season

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

With school winding down, prom is just around the corner. This year my husband has to chaperone and I am tagging along. This means I need a prom dress!! Don't worry, I'm not breaking out the sequins, but I do need a new outfit.

Lucky for me, I only had to go as far as my closet. Several years ago, I bought a cute, black shirt dress from Ann Taylor on sale. I just grabbed it off the rack. It was cheap and my size, or so I thought. At the time, I couldn't get my big butt in it. However, now I can and it's so cute!! To offset the black, I needed a new pair of shoes. I had some cute black, peep-toe wedges that I wore in my sister's wedding last year, but when I pulled them out, they were in pretty bad shape. Her wedding was hard on them!! No worry though, I found another cute pair while my husband and I were shopping. :)

Aren't they cute?? They're perfect! With my Premier Designs Jellybean necklace (my recent giveaway) and my new shoes, I'm ready to go back to prom. And don't worry, I'll post our prom pictures. I can't go to prom and not get my picture taken. I may even snatch a bouquet away from one of my husband's students just for the occasion. Ha!

Here's to Prom 2012! Don't forget to leave room for Jesus! :)


  1. Hubby should get your a corsage for the occasion!!

  2. Cute shoes! I've been seeing all the prom pictures being posted on my Facebook page from people with kids that are old enough to go, and then tonight was our annual Footloose Festival and street dance. Being that I grew up in the town that Footloose was based on, it's always a pretty big it's like prom happens twice in my hometown!

  3. Beautiful shoes. Would love to see the pictures though. Been from Africa I didnt experience prom but as a teacher here in USA, it is a joy to watch. Hope you had a great time.