Kentucky Tradition

Monday, April 30, 2012
My grandmother always said Kentucky is known for its fast horses and beautiful women, or is it fast women and beautiful horses? Then she'd laugh. lol

The Bluegrass State welcomes spring every year with the opening of Keeneland's Spring Meet.
There's nothing like watching the ponies. It's definitely a Kentucky Tradition, and a fun one at that. People from all walks of life look forward to Keeneland - the young, the old, the rich, the not-so-rich. There's something for everyone, including my cute, little nephew. He's been partying it up with the ponies more than me this year! Gotta start 'em early, I guess.

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  1. We just went up to Keeneland from Nashville last weekend (the 21st) and had SO MUCH FUN! We love going there at least once a year for the weekend. (You can see photos we took there a week previous on our blog.)

  2. We love Keeneland! And it's certainly been a beautiful April for it :)