Saturday, April 14, 2012
Summer is right upon us and that means it's almost lake season. We have a beautiful lake here in my hometown, nestled in the northern part of the Daniel Boone National Forest, where we spend all of our time during the summer and fall. Cave Run Lake is mainly known for its fishing, especially muskie. There are tournaments year round. I try not to think about all the big fish swimming under my feet. So far, they've kept to themselves and I very much appreciate it. There's nothing like anchoring out in the middle of the lake near the bald eagle nests, and floating the day away on a raft.

Last summer, my husband went kayaking with a friend. It was his first time kayaking. He loved it. It's all he talked about all winter. I've yet to give it a try, but today we're headed out to purchase our very first one. I've read it can be a good upper body workout. Worse case scenario, if I don't like it, I can stick to floating next to our pontoon, while he paddles around the lake. 

Do any of you kayak? What are your favorite summer activities. I'd love to hear. Let's link up! Leave your post below.

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  1. We love Cave Run and are planning a camping trip there later this summer! I've never kayaked, but would love to :)