Monday, January 30, 2012
My employer has a health/wellness program that is attached to the cost of our health insurance premiums. The idea is to get a certain number of points which will equal a certain amount of money off the total cost of your premium. Over the next couple months, we have been challenged to keep a food journal. It's worth 6 points. WHOA! That's a lot for one challenge. I've done well so far, eating healthy, despite the fact I can't seem to lose one stinkin' pound. That is until this weekend.

The hubby and I decided to go out for dinner on Saturday. I had kept my calories in check and I knew I could splurge a little. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings and I felt the desire to have a Buffalo Chicken Wrap. YUM! It was so good. Unfortunately, I forgot to check the wrap's calories first and I didn't log until this morning. Imagine my surprise when that wrap came in at a whopping 1,020 calories and 60 grams of fat!! WHAT?? NO WAY. There is NO way that wrap was that bad! But, apparently it was. Wow. No more buffalo chicken wraps for me. Ever. I'm dreading the scales. Hopefully I didn't ruin all of last week with one wrap. Ugh. Why does it have to be so hard? LOL


  1. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just get back on track with your next meals, continue to exercise and drink tons of water each day. It's a,axing what drinking water can do for weight loss. I spent years competing in fitness competitions and manipulating nutritional choices...I was amazed at what drinking a half gallon to gallon of water per day can help with weight loss and the feeling of satiety.

    If you have an iPhone, there are apps that can help you figure out what the caloric content is on restaurant food. I was shocked that baja fresh burritos also pack over 1,000 calories as well!

  2. Oh dang! Hate when that happens! And WOW....how awesome that your company is doing that. I love when employers get involved in their employees' wellness. :) Much luck!

  3. Yes surprise wraps are not actually better for you then having it on whole wheat bread I know I have looked into it and I am not found of wraps anyway, dont like the texture. So dont worry get back on track and it will work out yes as we get older it gets harder to lose the weight just wait till 55. Hang in there

  4. Just like Brie said, just pick up and move on as I am sure you did, seeing from earlier posts that you have stayed on your course. I need this type of motivation as I continue my weight loss goals.