FB = The Devil

Sunday, January 15, 2012
Sometimes I  wonder why I ever get on Face.book. Glutton for punishment, maybe? This time last year was hard. New babies, pregnancy announcements, perfect and blessed lives (or so it seemed). This year, those babies turn one. This year, there are new pregnancy announcements and new baby bump pictures. I find myself face.book stalking all the pictures and the only thing it does is make me sad, but I can't stop myself. The hubby had to get me out of the house last night. I needed some adult interaction away from any and all baby/child related activity. So, we went to the local steakhouse, sat at the bar, ate yeast rolls covered in honey butter and hammed it up with some of the other patrons. :)  It was nice - a good distraction. I'm thinking about giving up FB for Lent. I'm not even Catholic (the hubby's parents are), but it seems like a good idea. Granted, that doesn't start until a month from now, but it gives me a good reason to give it up for awhile. I wonder if I can do it? I'm going to try anyway. We'll see. 


  1. Ugh...though it doesn't bother me at all like it used to, I totally get this. I'm doing a food detox right now, but an FB detox sounds splendid as well. Much luck giving it up for lent...although isn't lent where you give up something you like? lol

  2. ((hugs)))) FB has been hurting more than helping me too these days xoxo

  3. Just curious, were you able to give up FB for lent? Are you back on it? I feel you though sometimes you need to get away from stuff that isn't particularly giving you joy.