My soapbox

Sunday, December 11, 2011
I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Where did this year go? Honestly, I'm glad to see it go...again. I'm holding out for next year though. It's going to be great, I just know it! :)

Thursday I had eye surgery. I've been on an opiate high for the past 3 days. I wasn't expecting it to hurt as much as it has, but all in all it went well. Currently, I look like I've been hit in the face. My left eye is red and really swollen, but that's to be expected. All this, once again, thanks to preeclampsia. The swelling caused some problems (which I already had) to get worse, which meant surgery to correct it. This brings me to the Duggars. 

I'm not going to comment on their loss or how I feel about it because it's too complicated, but what I do want to comment on is how the Today Show just glossed over preeclampsia as if it was nothing, no big deal. I was watching Ann Currey and another woman discuss Michelle Duggar and her many, many pregnancies. When preeclampsia was brought up, Ann said she had pre-e with her first and then just went on as if it was nothing serious. I just about sat straight up out of my drug-induced post-surgery haze. Why do people do that? Even doctors do it. Women who end up with preeclampsia close to term don't seem to realize the seriousness of the situation they are in, maybe because they get to take their bundle of joy home without being sick. Then, there are those like me that find themselves fighting for their lives and their child's life. I think it's time to stop acting like preeclampsia doesn't happen to people and start taking it seriously.

My hope isn't to scare, but to educate. Had I not advocated for myself and pushed the issue, I don't know if I'd be here typing this or not. Maybe I would, maybe not, but I knew something was very wrong despite the fact the doctors at the time didn't want to really consider it. It just doesn't happen that often, right? Wrong. It happens a lot more than people realize; it's just not discussed. 

So for those of you out there with pregnancy on your mind, take care of yourself. Listen to your body. Take your blood pressure! Know what's normal and what's not normal. Be your own advocate! 

I'm stepping off my soapbox now. LOL


  1. I hear ya! I am glad that you were able to advocate for yourself, and knew what signs and symptoms to look for--it shouldn't have come to that, but thank God you pushed the subject, and are still here with us today.

    And I would loooooove for 2012 to be YOUR year!

  2. Seriously...AMEN.

    My son died from Pre-E. A full term loss. I almost died. I suffered seizures and as my blood pressure climbed after he was born, they were terrified I would stroke out.

    WHY is it glossed over? Why are people not more aware of it. Just because severe pre-e is rare, doesn't mean it isn't deadly.

    I am rooting for 2012 to be your year too. I have been following your blog and I am SO waiting for you to make "that" post. THe one that says you've been CHOSEN!

    It's coming...I can feel it :)

  3. I have to admit I am one of the ignorant masses out there when it comes to this. I have read a lot of your entries and my heart goes out to you. Good for you for helping to get the word out!!!!

  4. It's like HELLP Syndrome.... Why does everyone think that you only get it in the 3rd trimester and when you do you just deliver a healthy happy baby and then everything is fine.... UM NO I have had it twice now at 20 weeks pg and lost both our preemies and the Dr.'s have NO CLUE why. They now have told me NEVER to get pg again.