Dear Santa

Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Dear Santa,

The last two years have been very challenging. My husband and I have found strength we didn’t know we had and experienced grief that words can’t express.  I find myself feeling more emotions than I’ve ever felt, not just for me, but for others. When other hearts are breaking, be it from the loss of a loved one or their own child, I feel it with them. The indescribable pain that surrounds someone grieving can reemerge at a moment’s notice. However, after living through such heartache, the happy times are so much stronger. It’s pure joy.

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I don’t know what next year will bring, but I’m hoping it brings lots of joyous moments and, of course, a new addition to our family (and I don’t mean a dog!). So, if you can find it in your big goodie bag to hand out lots of rainbow babies and happy times all around, I’d sure appreciate it. I’ll even leave you some extra special peanut butter fudge made from my very own grandmother’s secret recipe.

Until next year, Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love this letter and I hope santa sends you that rainbow!!!! xoxo