Cautious Sigh

Friday, December 02, 2011
Wednesday, I felt like I was spinning so fast I could fall at any moment. Today is better. MRI results came back "unremarkable" and I've never been so happy to hear that I was unremarkable in my whole life. I do still have to have minor eye surgery, but it's nothing I haven't done before and it's outpatient. We finally rented the apartment. DH met them yesterday morning to sign the lease, pick up the deposit and first month's rent and hand over the keys.

On the way home from the doctor's office, my mind was all over the place. I was crying, feeling sorry for myself and just having my own pity party. The radio was on at the time and they were talking about Christmas wishes. A woman called in and said her only Christmas wish was to feed her children and make sure they had warm clothes for the winter. That's when it hit me. I was being so selfish. Here I am stressing over having to pay another minor medical bill, as well as the mortgage on our second home and all she wants is food for her kids. About that same time, a black cat ran out in front of the car. I just started laughing through the tears. I decided to take that as a good omen rather than a bad one. The only black cat I know is named Lucky, so why not use this as a good sign?

The fact is despite our hardships in the past, my husband and I are very blessed. Sometimes it's so easy to get lost in the have-nots and forget your haves. My Christmas wish this year is to continue to focus on those "haves" because we should never take for granted the blessings we are given.

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  1. Congrats on being "unremarkable." :) My stepdad had a black cat named Mr. Lucky....definitely a great sign. I love that you laughed through that. I just saw a story on 60 minutes about displaced families living in their cars....incredibly moving and a real reminder that we have SO much to be grateful for.