Wednesday, November 02, 2011

If you're a regular here, then you know I suffer from migraines and have since I was a child. It seems that my migraines can be divided into two categories - pre and post pregnancy. Before the pregnancy, I had finally figured out my triggers, what helped, and what didn't. After pregnancy, all that is out the window. Things that worked for years, no longer work at all.

Yesterday I had a migraine pop up on me and knock me down all afternoon and all night. I didn't see it coming and I always see them coming. Very strange. I'm still a little woozy this morning. So, I'm asking for help from you, my dear readers. Do you have migraines? And if so, what helps you? All tips and suggestions welcome, not just medication either. Let's hear it! :)


  1. Mine are different too, pre & post pregnancy. When I got quit taking my bcp I also had to quit taking my preventative, nortriptyline. Even with it, I would have breakthrough migraines. Classic, with the aura, I would basically completely lose my vision, and puke my guts out and the pain. I literally tried every acute medication including injections and even migranal and zomig nasal.

    To no eval, nothing really helped. Relpax made me sick for about 4 hours instead of my normal 8, so that's what I would always use.

    I also felt really 'off' after I would wake up. The shower in the beginning would help because I think the water hitting my head made it feel better, for some reason.

    After I got pregnant with P I didn't have anymore migraines. Then, she was born and I had horrible headaches (not what I would call a migraine, I could still function but it was very painful). I thought it was my bcp and the hematologist agreed I probably shouldn't be taking them due to MTHFR/family history of strokes, So, I quit..then a few months later I was pregnant with M, and I didn't have any migraines during pregnancy.

    Post M I had a headache that literally lasted over 3 months. It's just not starting to be better, I have an appointment scheduled with my old neurologist here.

    I have never figured out my triggers, ever.

    I would honestly rather have this horrible tension headache everyday for the rest of my life than ever have a migraine again.

    When I was younger, they were so bad, I would of had brain surgery if they told me they could fix them, I can't count the number of times I had breakdowns because I couldn't take it anymore.

    Anyways, the only thing that has seemed to help was staying on the folic acid/a good vitamin.

    That seems to have helped more than taking a preventative all together. I'm hoping my neuro can shed some light on this or atleast do some research when I see him in a few weeks.

    About a month ago I did wake up around 5am with a stabbing pain in my head, no aura, but I did feel sick, It was pretty bad and since it's been a while since I had a migraine it was hard to hack.

    I ended up going to the hospital and they gave me tramadol and zofran. In comparison to my other migraines, it was maybe a 5, in comparison to a normal headache it was a 10.

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with migraines, they are just awful. Plus, people are like "oh it's just a headache you can still work," Yeah...I can work while i'm blind and puking, suuuureeeee.

  2. That is no fun at all I can't imagine what you go thru. I have not been able to figure out my triggers either. I will ask around and get back to you. I wish people would stop saying get over it because its just a headache, when I agree with you they are and can be a living nightmare. I don't wish them on anyone unless they try and say migranes are nothing...lol. Hope people can give some ideas that we can all try. I would also have brain surgery if they corrected them also. Hope they get better soon!

  3. I can sympathize! After each miscarriage, my migraines changed & I am still trying to figure them out. I have never had much luck with the migraine meds, but my GP used to give me a shot of the anti-inflammatory toradol & that used to do the trick without any pesky side effects. The key is to have a Dr or clinic that can get you in when you have a migraine. We just moved & my new GP isn't as easy to see quickly.

    Good luck with the quest! Let us know what works!