Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why is it that the holidays always seem to be so stressful? Even without all my baggage, it seems things always get a little tenser. Maybe it's because we're spending money we don't usually spend, eating food we don't usually eat, seeing people we don't usually see, I don't know.

The past few holidays have been just so darn stressful! Last year, we battled cancer during this time and lots of medical bills. This year, our car broke down and has been at the dealership for the past 3 weeks. Thank God it had a recall and we don't have to pay to fix it. Our renters moved out, so we've had to pay 2 mortgages this month (YIKES!). And to top it off, I have yet another doctor's appointment today to go over my MRI results. Even though I don't think there's anything to review, I'm still a little nervous. After all, DH and I seem to be the only ones to ever find that proverbial needle in a haystack. You know, that one in umpteen million you never want to be. LOL

I keep having these mini-anxiety attacks. I'll be fine one minute, then a nervous wreck the next. Or I'll suddenly get hit with a wave of sadness. Thank goodness for new happy pills! HA! Forget Calgon, Zoloft take me away! Christmas break can't come soon enough.

Merry Christmas, Bah Humbug. (just kidding *wink wink*)


  1. Good luck at the Doctor today with those MRI results. I sure hope that it has a favorable outcome and provides you with some answers.

    No doubt you've been under more stress the past 3 years than some will experience in a lifetime..and look at you..still standing, still living life and still moving forward....even on the days it may jot feel like it. You're allowed sadness and anger, and all of those feelings. Just sucks when they sneak upon you at inopportune times, right?

    I've found your honest blog posts inspiring, so please remember, even on the bad days, you've got people pulling for you.q

  2. Ah-yes....Christmas. A time for joy and peace and being with the ones you love. And cooking, and racing around for gifts, and spending lots of money, and decorating, and stressing about...well, everything! Mini panic attacks are sure to abound. Cyber hug for sure.