Christmas Weight Loss Goals

Monday, November 28, 2011
I have no desire to get back on the scales this week after Thanksgiving's food fest in TN. I had good intentions, but they all went out the window the moment we arrived and made a beeline for the Krispy Kreme shop. I have to admit that all the heavy food made me miserable. I didn't realize how much better I feel when I'm eating healthy. However, it sure tasted good at the time.

In light of all the extra calories consumed, I'm giving myself a Christmas goal - 5 pounds by the 25th. It's a small goal, but considering it is the holiday season, I don't want to set myself up for failure. Starting today, it was back to my healthy routine. 

For those of you trying to or have already lost weight during the holiday season, please share your tips! I'm always looking for something new to try. :)


  1. Sissy, i am right there with you. I would like to lose 5 pounds before Christmas, but I will settle for 3. 90 minutes on the stairmaster for me.

  2. 90 minutes? Whoa. This is why I can't lose weight. LOL