Didn't expect to hear this

Wednesday, October 05, 2011
This afternoon I met with my opthamologist about some issues I've been having with my eyes. I had eye surgery about 3 years ago for the same condition, but after all the swelling from the preeclampsia, including the swelling in my face, those same issues returned. I kind of felt like the swelling simply undid what was corrected during the surgery.

I went in expecting to hear I would be having surgery again. Imagine my surprise when I was told I needed an MRI to rule out a possible mini-stroke that could have occurred during the time I had preeclampsia. 

Say what? A mini-stroke? Really? 

I told her I really didn't think that was the case. My issues are the exact same as they were prior to my first surgery. However, she said before she did any kind of surgery again, she wanted to rule out the possibility that something could have happened because of the preeclampsia. 

It just never goes away. It's almost laughable at this point, except for the fact I'm going to have to pay for an MRI I really don't think I need. That being said, I understand her reasoning, and these days you can never be too careful. But seriously, a mini-stroke? The longer I sit on this, the more paranoid I become, which is just what I need - more stress. LOL

Thank goodness I have a vacation coming up because Lord knows I'm going to need it. 

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  1. Yikes! I sure hope that's not the case. But I think even though it's a pain for you, it's better to have a doctor that is careful and thorough than one who would just do the surgery without making sure everything else is ok.