This and That

Monday, August 29, 2011
I miss writing here, but the truth is, I have nothing exciting to say. I could talk about these constant ovary pains I've been having (weird) or that I may be having eye surgery sometime in the near future, but who wants to talk about that?

I've decided to go back to my original name on this blog - Our New Normal. Why? Because this is my new normal. I've realized my "new normal" is now really my "normal," so to speak. It encompasses everything that makes me who I am: mama to Josey, preeclampsia/HELLP survivor, wife to a cancer survivor, and future adoptive mama. It's just time to go back to my roots, albeit most of those roots are relatively new.

My new design should roll out sometime next month. I'm hoping it will inspire me to start writing again. I guess we'll see. :)


  1. You're not the only one in a writing slump. We have mostly sucky things going on & unless i'm having trouble dealing with them & need to vent, it usually just takes too much energy to get it all out.

    I'm looking forward to your new (old) blog!

    fyi..I have sharp pains in my left ovary too!! lol my OB seemed completely unconcerned, while sometimes I can barely walk because of it!

  2. I have also been having unexplained ovary pain! So frustrating! I hear you on the "normal" part- my post today was about how my life has become Groundhog's day while waiting for the adoption to be completed.