To decorate or not

Tuesday, June 07, 2011
While we were working on our home study, lots of people close to us would ask when we were going to start on the nursery. Did it need to be ready before our home visit? The answer was no, and honestly, I had no desire to start decorating a nursery until we were officially "paper pregnant". Now, here we are finally official and I'm still holding back on the idea of decorating. Then I saw this:

It's perfect for the room we will use for the nursery! Plus, it's not necessarily baby furniture. So, I don't feel too nervous about buying it. I showed it to DH and he told me to do whatever I wanted. It was fine with him. I was so excited to make my first official paper pregnant adoption purchase!! I can't wait to get it. Maybe once we get it put together we can start looking for other things, albeit very slowly. 

In other adoption related news, I contacted our first agency yesterday. Well, I sent them an email. Anyway, I wanted to let them know we were officially approved and to see if they would allow us to resign with them using our current home study. I haven't heard anything from them yet. I'm hoping it will be a yes, but I'm not holding my breath. We'll see. It sure would be nice to be signed with two different agencies though. :)


  1. Love the nursery! This sounds like a good first purchase for getting things started. I have ideas out the wazoo and we aren't even done with our homestudy, but my trigger finger is pretty slow on this one anyway...

    Wow on a possible double agency signing! Won't this mean paying fees at both? Yikes!

  2. Love the corner shelf and it seems gender neutral.

  3. Unfortunately, we won't be able to sign with them as well. They require their own homestudy. Plus, they said that they aren't planning on accepting any new families for some time because they currently have plenty of waiting families. Oh well.