Wednesday, April 20, 2011
I guess I've never considered myself to be one that struggled with infertility despite the fact we can't (shouldn't) have biological children, but in reality the end result is the same. I do struggle with infertility. I can't stay pregnant.

One of my favorite adoption blogs, Adoptive Momma of Two, wrote today about her struggles with infertility and why they decided to adopt. She, like me, is a "genetic mutant" or in other words suffers from MTHFR. Below is her journey to adoption and struggle with infertility because of MTHFR. I thought she did an excellent job explaining it and wanted to share it with my readers that may not be followers of her blog.

Our Infertility Story by Adoptive Momma of Two

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  1. Thanks for sharing Kerry..I too consider myself a mutant since I have not been able to carry to term due to my crazy misshaped uterus and now battle secondary infertility... I look forward to reading her blog too!