Moving Forward

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
We had our first home study meeting last Friday. It went great! We felt very comfortable with our social worker. She was very honest and upfront about the good, bad and the ugly. That's something we appreciate in people - truthfulness and honesty regardless of whether or not it's what we want to hear.

We meet again next month. We've just about finished the paper chase, with exception to our self-study. It's so long! Sooo many questions to answer. We're looking at being home study approved probably around the first of June. That seems like so far away, but in reality it's only two months. It will probably take our FBI checks that long to come back anyway.

In addition to the above, an opportunity at work came along that has allowed us to put extra money away for the adoption. We also sold our property (well, we actually have a land contract on it). This means that the buyer enters into a legal agreement with us, the sellers, stating he will pay X dollars per month until a specific date, when he will then purchase the property. Essentially, the buyer is taking over our payments.

All in all things seem to be going very well. The past few weeks have been happy ones. Unfortunately, after all the bad luck we've had I keep waiting for the bottom to drop. Let's hope that's just left over anxiety from last year and in fact things actually are moving in the right direction!


  1. That is exciting news about the home study.... :) I know once you are finished with that everything will fall into place :) J