Just Call Me Martha

Saturday, February 05, 2011
Tonight I made homemade turkey potpies in my Willow House Alfresco small servers. I love these things! They are so handy, especially since you can bake in them. (PS If you're interested, you can order them on my WH website.) I make the hubby his very own cobbler in them all the time. I also have some other Willow House ramekins that we use for things like ice cream and yogurt. They are so pretty and versatile.

I'm currently in redecorating mode. I'm slowly adding new things and trying to update to a more comfortable and relaxed style. I'm leaning towards blues, browns, ivories, and greens. Here are a few new updates in my kitchen.

These are my new Belle Meade canisters (also from Willow House). I have three of them. The smaller one (not pictured) is our cookie jar.

My new dress me up plate. You can serve food on it and write on it. My entire family has the older version, as did I. I passed it on down to my sister when I got the new one. LOVE IT!

We love our wall words! I had big plans to put shelves above our bench and then I realized you couldn't sit there if we did. Even anyone with an interior design degree is challenged by a large empty wall. So, I needed to put something on that wall and this was my solution. I think it turned out great!

Next up, our living room. I already have new pillow covers and throw to match. I just have to find drapes to match, along with a new rug (I've already found it at Lowe's) and fabric to cover the decorative trunks I have sitting next to our couch.

I can't wait until it's all finished! One little step at a time...


  1. Hi I just found your blog. I haven't read a lot but from what I have read we have some things in common...
    We lost our baby girl, Sept. 09. We decided shortly after that we would pursue domestic adoption. In Jan. we signed up...by June we were matched...and in September our son was born!
    I am here if you need any help along the way. I am so sorry for your loss, but excited about your future! Adoption is a wonderful thing!! We love our son more than anything!

  2. YAY for projects!Go Martha, go! LOL. There is something to be said about redecorating, and the sense of accomplishment and pride it provides ( until I find the next best decor ideas..then it's time to change it all again!) Enjoy your domestic projects (=

  3. Love that plate and the quote on the wall! I hope your hubby feels better soon and your homestudy moves quickly and painlessly! I just featured your blog tonight!