A lot of nothing, and that's ok

Thursday, February 03, 2011
This week has been fairly uneventful. DH is feeling better. The treatments leave him very tired in the evening, but the bad stuff seems to have subsided. We're almost in the homestretch!

On the adoption front, the social worker emailed me from the new agency we're hoping to go with, just to check in and see where we were. The plan is once DH has finished treatments and has his follow-up appointment, we'll get a letter from the doctor stating he's healthy and fit to parent and submit it with our application. At this point it will probably be sometime in March.

Honestly, as upset as we both were to pull out of our other agency, I feel it was meant for us to do it. March and April will be very emotional for us. I'm feeling the weight of it already. This just gives us some extra "us" time to focus on each other. Plus, if we haven't been matched by the fall (and I doubt we will being that the home study will probably take us into at least May and then we'll have to create our profile book) then we plan to go back to our original agency.

Anyway, thank you for all the support. We very much appreciate it!


  1. Glad he's feeling a bit better. How do you go about making your profile for adoption? Does the agency help you?

  2. Brie, yes the agency will help us. They will tell us what needs to go in it and how many pages it should be, etc. We've been compiling photos and setting them aside so once we get the go ahead, we'll be ready to roll. :)