Yet another change of plans

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
I'm not sure why we even bother to make plans anymore. DH and I have always been planners. We like to have everything laid out and taken care of before we do anything. You can imagine how much this past year has taken its toll on us simply because of the lack of planning. We're still learning to let go and go with it.

After two days of treatment, DH is still sick. The doctor says it looks like he'll be sick the entire 3 weeks. After today, I'm planning on pulling us from our adoption group. We didn't want to, but there's no way he would be able to sit through 6 hours of classes for the next two Saturdays. Talk about bad timing. He'll finish his treatments the day before we would have finished our classes.

I'm hoping they'll hold on to the fees we've already paid and just move us to their fall group. I may look at some other agencies here in the state as well. I'm not sure, but I think some don't actually require mandatory classes. So maybe we could sign on with another agency, get our homestudy and get on the waiting list with them and then in the fall, sign back on with CC.

I guess we'll just wait and see what happens. Right now I just want my husband to feel better.



  1. Man..I remember treatments...It is rough. Adoption process is rough. I can only imagine the stress and weight on your shoulders right now! The most I can tell you is that you are doing the right thing. Bad timing sucks. But you are being the best Mom you can by helping Dad get better and being there for him. Your children will appreciate it when he walks them down the aisle and gives them life wisdom stories. I hope the stress lessons, the treatments go beautifully, and your adoption process goes without a hitch.
    Happy ICLW from a first timer!

  2. (((hugs)))) im so sorry sweetie, I cant imagine what you both are going through, so I will pray for his speedy recovery =(

  3. Thinking of you and your DH! I pray for a speedy recovery for him and for lots of comfort and healing for your hearts. ((hugs))

  4. So sorry about the change of plans. My husband went through radiation 4.5 years ago (diagnosed 2 weeks after our second son was born). He felt horrible the whole time, although much worse by the end of the week.

    Even if it is hard now, I think you will be glad to take this step back. I hope your husband doesn't have too difficult of a time. I will send him lots of healing wishes.

  5. I'm sorry you have to delay your classes. What bad timing! I hope your DH gets through the next few weeks ok.


  6. Thinking of you and sending healthy vibes your DH's way.

    (Here from ICLW)

  7. I commend you on putting your husband first. I think a lot of couples going through infertility treatments and/or adoption processes, often forget their other half, and will keep pushing for a baby at all costs...including their relationship..I know it wasn't an easy choice, and one your DH probably wishes you two didn't have to make right now, but his health and his well being is first priority. Here's to the three weeks going quickly, him feeling better, and hopefully signing with another agency in the meantime!