Thursday, January 13, 2011
Yesterday, my sister surprised me with a much needed massage! Yay! And a hair cut and new highlights! (She's a beautician, well, she'd probably want me to say stylist.) I was so excited! I told the masseuse how stressed I'd been lately and it was taking residence in my shoulders. A few minutes in and I was in pain. (The good kind, though.) As she moved down towards my lower back, I just about jumped off the table. Where did that come from? She asked me if it burned. YES! What is that?

I've had problems with my lower back since I came home from the hospital. I always attributed it to the numerous pokes and prods from the spinal and epidurals. Anyway, just pushing on it was miserable. She told me it likely started from all my troubles (i.e. the swelling from the preeclampsia). She worked on loosening up those muscles and although it hurt like the dickens, I felt like a million bucks when she was finished! She told me I needed a lot of work. LOL I could have told her that.

After my massage, my sister gave me a new "hair do" and some highlights. She threw an eyebrow wax in there too. I felt like I'd been at the spa. Ahhhh.....



  1. Somebody sure loves you. What a treat!

  2. Can your sister do that for me? That is so nice of her to do that for you. You deserve it. I hope you keep up with those massages because it will definitely help you.

  3. Ahh, the bliss of being pampered . . .