Silent Voices

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
This post is completely unrelated to anything going on with me and my life, but it's interesting nonetheless. I thought you might find it interesting as well.

Yesterday I ran across an article on our local news station. A couple of years ago, a young woman went missing a county over from us. If I remember correctly, there weren't really any leads. At one point, the family hired a psychic to consult on the case. This psychic claimed that she had been killed and her remains were buried under or beside a saw mill relatively close to home. My brother-in-law and his family own a lumber business, which includes a saw mill. One day, the family and a news reporter showed up at his saw mill with camera in hand. My brother-in-law allowed them access. Fortunately (or unfortunately) she was not there.

Fast forward a few months and her remains were found in the Red River Gorge, about a half an hour away from her hometown . Consequently, there was a saw mill close by or the site used to be used as one. I can't remember. My brother-in-law was telling me about this just the other day. We couldn't believe the psychic was actually right (in a round about way). Anyway, a local resident wrote a song about it and another local artist (Sasha Colette) recorded it. It's quite haunting. Check it out.


  1. Wow, haunting indeed. I had chills listening to that.

    Thanks for sharing this.